Lyric Only God Know by Fazura


Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera kesayangan semua…


The first meeting are so meaningful. Love not blind, but the person must be care well before slip for the wrong love. Be careful with your heart and never bring mistake again and again.

Too be loved by someone is difficult. Too fall in love happen less than in 3 second. Don’t ever start it if you think easier to falling off. Find Allah love first then the true love will become close to you. 

Just five tips;

1) Pray;

2) Patient;

3) Forgiving;

4) Keep nice always;

5) Thankful


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The moment when we first meet,
I’ve never knew,
It could be so beautiful,
I’m missing you,
Every hour, everyday,
You make heart so full…

At time on when you far away,
You make me feel,
As told you by my side,
The love is getting stronger,
We spend together…

All the plans we made,
The days and laugh,
We share,
We know there its are destiny…

My heart,
Will keep on longing,
Just for your love,
To love me and to care for me,
You are always the best for me,
For only God,
Really knows…

Everything about you,
And its so perfect,
The love I have inside me,
Its burning,
Just for you…

You are be part of me,
My happiness,
My heart and soul,
For every could be,
Are beautiful,
Love story…

The moment when we first meet,
And forever you are the best,
For me…

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